About Heulog

'Heulog’ - Welsh for ‘sunny’ and pronounced “Hay-log” …was born out of a love for travel, glorious sunshine and fitness.

Wanting to make the most of precious time (not to mention saving on the packing space!), the idea was to create a timeless, stylish – and sustainable - activewear outfit that could be worn for travel or a workout but then take you straight to the beach or pool afterwards, without having to change in between.

Heulog provides women with a capsule activewear wardrobe that you would not only wear whilst travelling - but also for the day-to-day busy lives that we lead here back at home.

A sports bra that doubles up as a bikini and matching bikini bottoms – with leggings, shorts and a lightweight tank to complete the outfit. Et Voila! You’re ready to go.

All our garments are made from the softest Italian recycled fabric, ethically sourced and made from regenerated nylon. Our prints are unique and key to this brand, and we hope to introduce more as we grow - we have lots of gorgeous ideas waiting to come to life.

Heulog is designed in the UK and made in small batches – ensuring the best quality and attention to detail, and less waste.

You know the saying by now. Buy less, buy better!

We hope you love our pieces! Roll on summer ….